Green machine

In an effort to get healthy, Josh bought a juicer on Amazon a few weeks ago. He’s been whipping up (or should I say squeezing out?) vegetable juice by the pitcherful… shocking creations of red, green, and inevitably a mushy sort of brown. He adds garlic and hot sauce, a little salt and pepper, and chugs the potion at lunch time to fill up without eating naughty snacks. I’m impressed!

And while I do like to nurse a glass in the evening while curled up watching reality TV, I don’t quite crave its garlicky-salty-veggie flavor with the same passion as my extraordinarily health-conscious boyfriend. Instead, I’ve been jonesing for something sweet. This week, he flipped the switch. On Sunday morning, we wandered through our local market selecting veggies for his coming week of juice. The usual suspects added to the cart, I saw him grab four granny smith apples and a lemon. I was intrigued. Sure enough, my cry for a quenching summer beverage had been answered. This “appleade” required only two granny smiths and a lemon. No added sugar, no extras. Low in calories, high in delicious flavor, and packed with nutrients, this is the ultimate summer beverage. I am one lucky girl…

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