Some Brightness on a Dreary Day

I had honestly hoped to be posting photos of all my cute spring outfits by now. But here we are on the last day of March with rain and even snow in the New York City forecast! I’m bereft, I’m over it, and I’m dreaming of sundresses. Until the day comes, though, here is a bit of bright and fun inspiration.

As you know by now, this bleek, depressing weather makes Jensy so very sad. I find the only way to perk things up is to go all-out with bright colors, fun accessories, and anything that makes you beam. This week’s photos (and again, I know I’ve been lacking in the weekly photos) are of my newest fashion/beauty icon, Miss Nicki Minaj. It’s not just that we share the same best asset. I admire Nicki for her screw-convention, turn-heads, vaguely psychotic approach to fashion, men, and the whole crazy industry of which she is part. It seems to me that beneath all that bubble-gum pink pleather, there’s a whole lot of class and smarts to boot. And that giant, grateful smile she always wears is the very best part. Cheers to you, Nicki Minaj. You and your bad-ass outfits. Oh, and your bad-ass hair, too.

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