Happy, Chic, Mother’s Day

The mothers of New York could not have asked for a more beautiful day than this. The sun is shining but the heat is not oppressive. There are perfect, white, puffy clouds floating around in a baby blue sky and cherry blossoms–in full bloom–dot the trees throughout Central Park.

We opted to take Mom to the stylish and modern Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side for luxurious-yet-worth-every-penny brunch replete with homemade cinnamon buns, ricotta and pear “jewels on toast,” communal candied bacon and maple grits, Mexican hangover-special eggs, and even some dessert (butterscotch pot de creme, anyone?). My mother, who eats about 1100 clean, green calories a day and treats herself to a single scotch a week indulged in every last bite of sugar, butter, and carb. She even toasted the feast with a sweet, strong, milky cocktail that she sucked dry. It was glorious.

But almost as heartwarming as a morning spent with family was the utter fabulousness (is that a word? It is now) of all the hot mamas in New York City this morning that I couldn’t help but observe. Pushing strollers along Houston and Rivington in skinnies and pastel blazers, clinking glasses with their grown kids at brunch, or even fully preggers newbies resplendent in maxi dresses and designer shades. The streets were swarming with beautiful, classy, well-dressed broads and the fashionable, happy broods that love them.

My own was decked out with a fresh blowout, Gucci sunglasses, diamonds (and pearls!), a crisp, knee-length, navy blue raw silk sheath recently nabbed at Saks, creamy-beige nubby leather Prada 3-inch platform sandals, and toting a slouchy metallic suede satchel I mistook for Ferragamo. (She whispered, “It’s Tahari. I got it on sale,” with a wink.) She might be (almost) 30 years my senior, but my mom looked significantly hotter than I did today. She often does.

So this is just a quick shout-out to all the pretty, stylish mommies in this pretty, stylish city. You all look fabulous, and you deserve your moment in the sun. Cheers!


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