I Remember… this Day in December

Cool weather has settled in. We’ve had some snow and there is definitely more to come. As December arrives and winter is starting to encroach, it makes me think of times gone by. December is a beautiful month filled with warmth and good feelings. Whatever the “holidays” mean to you, the bottom line to me has always been family. From my dad’s side to my mom’s, from the friends I’ve made who have become family to the colleagues about whom I care deeply, December is the time to celebrate these special people. We can save ruminations and regulations and resolutions for January, facing reality happens in February, and then depression is sure to set in some time in March.

But on this, the first day of December, I would like to wish everyone in my life all of the warmth that you make me feel every day. And to that end, today is World AIDS Day. If you have been looking for somewhere to pour the overflow from your love cup, the AIDS cause is a great place to do it. You can go here for information and ideas on donating and helping out with this important cause. I personally have lost a very dear loved one to this terrible disease and it is extremely close to my heart.

With lots of good wishes for a warm and healthy December…

xx Jensy

One thought on “I Remember… this Day in December

  1. Thank you Jensy. You say things we all need to think and I as one of your dedeicated readers, will spend a little more time thinking about the people in my life and certainly the profundity of being Aids Awareness Day. Your voice is important. Keep talking to us!

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