Brighten Up

We have decidedly entered the beauty queen’s no-man’s-land. It is winter. Now let out a great big sigh and get over it. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your face despite whipping winds, freezing rain, and generally dismal winter weather. Sure, sparkles are fun (hehe), but what about leaving the confines of the season in the dust and opting for a pop of summer when you need it? Jensy won’t scoff.

The summer of 2011 was ALL about neon, from the bikinis to the cocktails to the lipsticks… everywhere from Dior to Old Navy, neon was the only thing that seemed to matter. And sure, by next summer we’ll all be hanging on tightly to a new trend wagon, but there is no reason you can’t nurse your neon hangover now. Before 2012’s bright color wave announces itself, cling dearly to those neons and use them wherever appropriate. Shall we start with the lips?

I wear a crap-ton of hot pink lipstick for a few reasons. The first is, I really just like it. I think it’s utterly girly, really fun, and it’s one way to beat the blues of a conservative daily lifestyle without offending anyone. I find that a bright pink lip counteracts myriad sins–from undereye bags to pimples, and everything in between. It’s a simple way to appear polished, and it literally takes one sweep to perfection. Personally, I choose to go matte for day because my job requires me to look professional. To avoid being too coquettish, steer clear of hot pink glosses for day and stick with a stick. The two I receive the most compliments on are Chanel Rouge Allure in Super, and Maybelline Color Sensational lip color in Fuchsia Fever.

Now, that’s what I call living in color.

Make like Rihanna and rock a hot pink lip