Outfit Ideas: A Casual Cotton Dress Suits Up

I really didn’t feel like getting dressed this morning. I barely slept last night thanks to having a Diet Coke way too late in the evening on top of a pretty searing headache. Uninspired and running late, I threw on my go-to for mornings like these: a base of black tights (in this case, footed. It’s 80 degrees in Texas) and a fitted black tee. Now what?

Usually, in my slimming body armor, I can just sidle right up to my dresses and pull on whichever strikes my interest. But I was still feeling blah and couldn’t find one that would be comfy enough. I just needed comfy this morning, as I’m sure we all sometimes do.

A-ha! The genius idea struck me like sartorial lightning. My new cotton weekend dress. Initially envisioned paired with cowgirl boots and likely not even a bra underneath, suddenly this cute little dress was all I wanted to wear to work.

I recently got a shipment of Free People dresses (Josh’s absolute favorite brand of clothing on me, so I can get away with shopping there a tad more heavily without being scolded). Among them is a fabulous little navy dress in the absolute comfiest cotton I’ve ever felt. It features a racerback and a drop waist for a dose of California-cool but is not so lax that it can’t be made luxe. I dressed mine up today with my favorite little hot pink Marc by Marc mouse flats, and off I went.


All day, I felt like I was wearing pajamas, but that didn’t stop the compliments from rolling in. And this dress is so lightweight and breezy, it will work just as well over my bikini in two months when Josh and I steal away to go floating down the river with our friends. Talk about the place where fashion meets function! This is one happy girl.

Get yours now, before they sell out! It’s on sale, too, people.


Ever just want to say “f-all” and do your hair up in Diet Coke cans like Miss Gaga did last spring? I know it’s been a while since our Lady of Pop debuted this crazy look, but I was thinking about it this morning while musing about my love of Diet Coke.

I drink two or three a day (sorry Mom, but that’s the truth) and it’s reached the point where even the sight of that familiar silver-black-and-red logo is comforting. I love the snap and hiss that occur immediately upon opening a fresh can, and I’ll settle for the soda fountain variety if nothing else is available. But to wear Diet Coke as a fashion accessory? Genius… still genius over a year later.

PS. Am seriously considering pink highlights. Methinks the big-deal corporate boyfriend might be a tad upset should I make that choice. Perhaps in a temporary capacity tied to that lovely excuse for pushing the fashion envelope we know as Halloween? Until then, I’ll be thinking it over with a Diet Coke in hand.