Try Something New: Another Neon?

It’s no big mystery that neon is all the rage this season, coming off a particularly valiant summer of 2011 and springing itself to gigantic proportions in 2012. But is neon going even farther than sneaking into eye shadow, skinny jeans, mommy blogs, and the American Apparel baby department? Is seems to me that neon is actually reinventing itself as a home base on the color wheel, with many, many alternate forms. There is classic neon (highlighter-style pink, green, yellow, orange, etc), electric neon (radiant blue, tres-punchy purple, bright turquoise, and beyond), and now a new neon has emerged. The muted neon. Fascinating.

Today I was walking to the gym in a non-neon ensemble (unless you count my underwear, which was hot pink). I nearly gasped as I saw a girl wearing the coolest hot pink skinny jeans under the sun. They were neon, sure, but they appeared to be very faintly whitewashed all-over. Is this a new neon? Is this a pastel-hot-muted-pink? I am dying.

Because I looked like a hot mess and because I was bordering on being late for my trainer (again), I kept moving and did not stop to ask this little starlet where she’d nabbed those super-cool pants. So now the research ensues on finding myself a pair of muted neon jeans, and what other lite-bright options we can dig up online and in store this spring. The two pink looks below do not quite achieve this pastel-neon I’m getting at, but the jeans come close. The top is a prime example. All three are cool neon wardrobe staples you should consider.


A muted neon poly dress from McQ Alexander McQueen presents a grown-up version of those cool jeans' impact. $365,


Loving this Vintage Havana cropped dolman sleeve neon yellow tee on sale for $51,

If I can't find the exact ones that cool girl on the street was wearing, these are a perfect second choice. On sale for $45,