Rain, Rain… Well, you know the rest

The only good thing about today’s muck and misery is that I finally got to break out those Cole Haan’s I’d been yearning to wear. But after a beautiful weekend in Florida, it was less than wonderful to step out into a cold, dark downpour this morning. Yes, New Yorkers, we can officially call this a squall. Let’s hope things change soon, because I would really like clear skies for Fashion Week… and of course, my twenty-don’t-worry-what birthday, which is on Sunday.

A few tips for making it through the rain!

1. Always, always, always keep a tiny, good quality umbrella in your bag, no matter the season or forecast. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the apartment on a seemingly perfect day, only to find myself in line at Duane Reade thirty minutes later buying yet another fifteen-dollar umbrella that would break only one rainstorm later. I nabbed by totes version at TJ Maxx for a cool $15 earlier this summer, and its pale colors and sturdy construction never disappoint.

2. Don’t try to be that cute girl who rocks opened-toe shoes in a storm, warm or not. Sure, you might want to hang onto summer past its time, but soggy sandals are just not a good look. And not to go there, but let’s just go there. They’re stinky. Boot up, sister!

3. Chill with the hair. No matter what you’re trying for, you just won’t achieve it in nightmare weather like this. I like to stick to a low, side chignon with pieces coming out, or top off my manic waves with a headband to fake some order. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget plenty of waterproof mascara. When the rest of you is melting, at least your peepers will still pop.

Michelle William's loose, wavy style is a perfect example. A little spritz and you're good to go, even with some rain-induced frizz factor.