Underground Glam

Ever been on the subway (or bus, train, etc) and noticed another fashionista like yourself, scrambling to get ready and put her face on? I’m guilty of the last minute get-ready routine myself, and have been known to wait not-so-patiently for a seat to open up so I can spread out my wares and put my damn face on. But this morning I reached an all-time beauty low (high?) and found myself … shamelessly… painting my nails on the subway.

Sigh. It’s true, dolls, that we are often running so late we should just shelve the plan entirely and go for a more natural look. But when your nails are completely bare and you’re headed out into the world, doesn’t the sad little sight of them make you want to cringe? Luckily, I was armed with the following products, and I suggest you hurriers head straight to Duane Reade pronto and pick some up yourself! While my nails don’t look amazing by any means, they are passably cute. And they were certainly dry before I clocked in. Hurrah for underground beauty!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast drying nail polish in Slick Slate, drugstore.com, $4


Julep fast dry top coat, julep.com, $14