Try Something New: Accidental Ombre

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drew is the queen of ombre hair. this look is easily achievable with a half to full head of tone-right highlights.

Ombre hair is definitely not new. It’s been a Drew Barrymore fixture for well over a year, and long before her, there were models, actresses, and chic mommies the world over rocking this style. Remember season 4 of Sex & The City? You see my point.

But the funny thing with ombre hair is that it’s finally reached the masses, and it’s doing so valiantly and with ease. A recent commercial for boxed hairdye confirms it; the world’s gone ombre, and you are next. But here’s a question. Why purchase a box of ombre hairdye when you can achieve the look in a much easier way?


jessica’s is more subtle and only requires a few foils. if you’re new to the trend, i’d try this route first.

Giselle’s stylist has been placing her highlights two to three inches from the roots for years, creating a naturally sunkissed look. On your next appointment, ask for the same. If you normally go super-light with the highlights but are naturally dark, consider warming them up a bit so the contrast is not so stark. If you color your own hair at home, a highlight kit works just as well. Have a friend do the back so you aren’t wonky-looking, but again, space each one south of the root.


gisele’s is divine. just go ahead and bring this photo to your stylist– you’ll leave happy, no questions asked.

If you want a bolder look, you still don’t have to purchase that silly, ombre-specific kit. Instead, purchase a box of the color of your choice (red works, black is cool for a reverse ombre, the possibilities are endless!) and just don’t dye all the way to the roots. Pick a point where you want the fade to happen and apply color specifically south of that line. If you want to blur it a little for a funky look, use a smaller touch of dye in sporadic bursts above that line, then wash out as you normally would. Ta-da!

So, here’s my naturally, accidentally ombre story. I have not had my hair colored since August, and I have to admit, it looks fabulous. I am constantly getting compliments and questions. “How did you get that ombre hair?” Well, I got blond highlights nine months ago and then got lazy and let them grow out.


here’s my hair the day after i had it highlighted in august…

I’ll have a few more done next week and then not touch it again till the fall, so I have this lovely ombre alive for the wedding. Really, girls, this look can be as easy as laziness and a budget. Your best bet for on-trend ombre hair is to skip your next couple appointments.



…and here it is nine months later!