A Morning in Brooklyn

I hung out with the little bro on Friday evening, having spent the week just working and sleeping–mostly working. I needed a night out and we enjoyed some wine with our friend Di, munching on brown rice and roasted chicken and vegetables that Noah had prepared. Later in the evening we headed out for some cocktails and snacks (oops–there went the New Year’s diet…) at a Cuban place around the corner from his waterside home.

Saturday morning we awoke to a new day. It was crisp–freezing, really. Diana needed to head home to Long Island and No and I were starving, so we walked her part way to the subway before finding our spot. The Lovin’ Cup on North Sixth street in Williamsburg boasts a “Drunk Brunch” on a chalkboard out front. We went in and discovered that this delightful $15 prix fix includes a brunch entree and three drinks–mimosas, bloody Mary’s, or draft beers. Or any combination of the three. We each ordered the vegetarian “Sweet Jane scrambler” with egg whites and delighted in the pile of tots that came with it. The coffee was fresh, hot, and bold, and the mimosas were so tall, we each only had two. And left totally drunk.

Hanging out with my cute little bro, wearing one of his oversized t-shirts as a dress and a newsboy cap borrowed from his closet, wandering the streets of his lovely neighborhood, made for an absolutely delightful Saturday morning in winter. And I can tell you this much: nowhere in Manhattan will you find a Drunk Brunch that refreshing and delightful at a price anywhere near $15.

Check out their brunch and dinner menu here.