Try Something New: Skip the Oil


A moment away from the clothes and the lipsticks today, my friends. As many of you know, Josh and I have been on a pre-wedding diet for the past three months and it’s been tough but we are getting there. I’ve lost 12 of the 15 I had hoped for, and I might throw a couple more in just for fun. This weight-loss is due in part to five days a week of working out, but also a lifestyle change in terms of what we put in our mouths.

One easy tip if you are trying to lose weight, or at least be more conscious, is to chill with the oil. It sounds so simple and obvious, but I think a lot of us, in an attempt at being “healthy,” use olive oil way more copiously than we should. Are you making a turkey meat sauce? Good on you! Don’t cook the ground meat in a pan that you line in olive oil, though. A spritz or two of Pam will save you up to 200 useless calories there.

Are you making a salad dressing from scratch? Even better. The “fat-free” and other dietetic choices at the supermarket are loaded with sodium and chemicals. You can make a much tastier version in three minutes flat with red wine vinegar, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, a spoonful of good mustard and garlic. Pour in a drop of oil at the end instead of using it as your base. There’s a very low-cal and yummy dressing that can be used not only on salad but with a bun-less, lean burger in lieu of traditional condiments, and beyond.


make turkey meat sauce with the leanest ground turkey you can find. sautee in its own juice till no longer pink, drain excess fat. pour in a jar of organic red sauce made without sugar. season with garlic, rosemary and a touch of red wine.

Whipping up a sautee of vegetables? Yum! Consider steaming them first, to retain all the flavor and get them thoroughly cooked. Flash them in the pan for a mere moment to get that browning effect you desire, but without allowing them to sit in the oil, soaking it up and devoiding their nutritional value.

I will continue to post ideas and tips on how we’re making it happen in this newly skinny household. And please be advised, I have absolutely no nutritious training nor do I recommend you start any kind of a diet without the supervision of your physician. I am just a blogger with a wedding on the horizon and a closet full of dresses that missed me for the past six months.


super healthy and yummy side dish or to use under red sauce in place of pasta! steamed brussels sprouts strained once cooked then left to simmer in a tiny bit of water with garlic salt.

Try Something New: Lovely Lavender Lips

Lipstick is such an interesting thing. You can step out of your comfort zone, switching from your everyday color to something new and get tons of attention from people at work and home. You can also keep it moving day to day and play with all the spring colors. Doing this creates a fluid relationship with the project of lip adornment. I like to experiment and I own probably around 80 lipsticks and glosses, but there’s no need for you to become as lip-happy as I am; my poor boyfriend had to build a bookshelf in our laundry room to house the overflow that doesn’t fit in my cosmetics cabinet. You can keep it a little more streamlined by picking one or two fun and fresh new colors to try each season.

Shocking lavender lips are sexy for nighttime glam.

Which brings me to lavender. It’s such a beautiful color and one that many people might not dream of putting on their lips. I fondly remember an old makeup friend; for the longest time my ultimate favorite lipstick was Chanel’s “Violette.” This luxe, creamy stick was an ever-so-slightly pearlescent lavender with just enough pink in it to remain ladylike and enchanting. It was so beautiful. I was fifteen years old and I wore it every day of sophomore year until it was a sad little flattened shell of its former glory. Then I begged Mom for another stick and after that one died, we discovered that it had been discontinued. We were both horrified and saddened and have been wandering around the beauty counters ever since looking for something that matches Violette’s charms. To no avail.

Make like a Rihanna and try a glossy, pink-toned purple for day.

This season, a shocking ten years after the disappearance of Violette, pastel is major again and violet lips are showing up all over the place. I felt determined to find my old flame in new packaging, and I think I got pretty damn close. The new Duane Reade is a remodeled wonder filled with beauty goods for giddy girls, and I unearthed a $7 lipstick there last week and have received rave reviews. This creamy, long-last lipstick delivers plenty of shine and manages a purple pout without bluish tones. I’m obsessed and I think you might be too. And, since it’s super cheap, you won’t have to cry if this is one of those makeup trend moments that just isn’t your fave.

Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Gumdrop will make you feel like a model.